Metal Fabrication & Welding

Metal Fabrication

We offer a wide range of services, utilizing a complete line of equipment. Our HTC press brake has a capacity of 250 tons, and can handle material up to 16 feet. Its 2-axis backguage insures consistency. Our vertical machining center handles surfaces up to 40"x20", and utilizes a 24-tool magazine. Our ESAB/CNC plasma/oxy-fuel table measures 6'x12'. It uses SigmaNest software. Our HTC shear, a 1/4" model, is 12' long. We also have a 90-ton Piranha iron worker. In addition, we have pipe threading and bending capabilities. We utilize Inventor and 3D Solid Modeling CAD programs.


We have a centralized MIG welding system that spans two buildings (50,000 sq ft). Stick welding is also available. we weld carbon steel, stainless, and aluminum. Materials welded include sheet metal, plate, structurals, tubing, pipe, and expanded.


We have 16' x 50' drive-thru paint booth with HVLP spray equipment. Material preparation may include sandblasting, wire brush buffing, deburring, and degreasing. We offer red oxide and gray primer, including a vinyl wash etch and epoxy. Our paints include a "direct-to-metal" acrylic modified alkyd, an air dry enamel, and polyurethane.


We have performed a wide array of assembly functions over the years. This includes hydraulic piping, fittings, hoses, hose repairs, and scissor hoists. As for electrical, we install motors, toggle switches, hi-temp wiring, stranded copper, starters, contactors, purge relays, time delays, flame probes, Nema enclosures, trailer lighting, and thermostats. Mechanically, we deal with tepu lock bushings, pulleys, sprockets, belts, chain, spline drives, and gear reducers. Plumbing includes Banjo fittings, valves and nozzles, pumps, mix and fill tanks, eye wash tanks, and nurse tanks. We also assemble natural and LP gas components. Stenciling is also available.

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