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Peerless Wagons/trailers

14', 21', 28' Drying, & 14' 
Hyd Drying Wagons
14' and 14' Hyd 
Running Gear/Chassis
Nurse Tank Wagons 20' Implement Trailers
12-Ton Hyd & 14' Hyd 
Hauling Wagons
190, & 290 BU 
Gravity Flow Wagons

Peerless 14', 21', & 28' Drying Wagons & 
14' Hydraulic Drying Wagons

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14' Hydraulic Drying Wagon (1003)
Each of these units comes equipped with a 12-Guage bottom floor, standard clean out doors, a ball bearing 5th wheel running gear, 10" plenum, and your choice of 9.5L 8-Ply Implement Tires or 7x15" 8-Ply Truck Tires.  An optional grain door, lights, and barn doors are available.

Model Numbers:
14' Drying Wagon (1002)
21' Drying Wagon (1007)
28' Drying Wagon (1015)
8-Ton Hydraulic Drying Wagon (1003)
12-Ton Hydraulic Drying Wagon (1019)

Peerless 14' Hydraulic Hauling Wagons

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14' Hydraulic Hauling Wagon (1004)
This unit shown with optional 2' 
expanded-metal Extensions (3301)

These units are available with 8-Ton and 12-Ton running gear with 7-Ton and 16-Ton hoists respectively.  They have a 30" ball bearing 5th wheel which means no swaying.  Optional 2' extensions and a grain door  are available.

Model Numbers:
8-Ton Hydraulic Hauling Wagon (3001)
12-Ton Hydraulic Hauling Wagon (3002)

Peerless 14' and 14' Hydraulic Running Gear/Chassis

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You may purchase the running gear if you don't need a new wagon. Running Gear are available with optional hoist.  Features include a rocking bolster and also is available with 9.5L 8 ply Implement tires or 7:00 x 15 Truck Tires.

Model Numbers:
14' Running Gear (1201)
14' Hydraulic Running Gear (1202)
Peerless 190 / 290 BU Gravity Flow Wagons

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Running Gears Available
Peerless has two running gears, an 8 ton and a 12 ton. Both features 30" diameter ball bearing 5th wheels, which are friction free. These units are heavy duty and well designed. Probably most important is that they follow you without swaying.
Boxes Available
Peerless has two boxes. One is a 190 BU capacity box. The other is a 290 BU capacity box. These boxes have a high grade enamel paint on the outside and Slip Kote paint on the inside. Each box is equipped with an anti-spread chain. The unique tapered front panel allows the load to empty first from the back panel then the sides. The improved flow prevents jamming at the doorway. The extra strong cradle-like understructure gives ample support at all vital points of stress.

Optional Hydraulic Augers Available
Hydraulic augers are available in 12' and 14' lengths. The auger is driven by a hydraulic motor, eliminating belts, chains, gears, and electric motors. Bristle tip flighting is available for handling seed.

Model/Part Numbers:

190 BU Box
290 BU Box

Peerless 20' Implement Trailer

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Peerless Implement Trailers measure 20' in length.  The bed is 7.5' wide.  This unit has a 16,000 lb. capacity.  It has a balanced bed made of pressure treated lumber.  It is complete with signal lights and a 7,000 lb. capacity jack.

Model Numbers:
20' Implement Trailer (1020)
Peerless Nurse Tanks

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These units are available with either 1000 or 1650 Gallon capacity black tanks.  A 3 1/2 HP Briggs & Stratton engine and Pacer pump are standard on these wagons. 

Running Gear

16,000 lb. capacity 8" x 15" wheels, 9.5L 8 ply implement tires

24,000 lb. capacity 10" x 16" wheels, 12L 12 ply implement tires

1,000 and 1,650 Gallon Capacity

Motor Cover, Mixing Tank, Chemical Rack, Clean Water Tank, and 5 HP Briggs Stratton engine
Honda engines available by special order

Model Numbers:
Peerless, 1000 Gallon Capacity Nurse Tank (3006)
Peerless, 1650 Gallon Capacity Nurse Tank (3007)

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